Jump start your 2022 with Salt Lake City's comprehensive seminar on retirement planning

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Attend Either Evening: Wednesday, February 16th or Wednesday, February 23rd (6-7:30 pm)


Learn ways to balance your approach to retiring with a goal of increased health, happiness & longevity

Planning 2022... & beyond!

Learn how to plan your retirement comprehensively from seasoned professionals

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Get answers to your pressing questions regarding retirement and relevant planning strategies

You're Invited...

You’re invited to join us for an evening at Salt Lake Community College, to learn relevant, comprehensive strategies that can help you navigate your retirement planning in 2022 & beyond.

If you are already familiar with the process of retirement planning, this seminar will help you confirm and expand upon your knowledge-base with relevant information.

If you are just starting to learn about retirement planning, this seminar will cover you to a wide array of useful strategies & topics, including tax efficiency, health planning, and wealth management.

Now more than ever, this professional guidance is crucial in working through the twists and turns of modern life.


Robert J. Beck, CPA

Retirement Planning

Rob transitioned from public accounting to wealth management in 2010, after observing that there is commonly a gap between people’s wealth advisor and their CPA. He founded Wealth Management CPAs to bridge that gap.

Kelly G Purser, CPA

Tax Planning

Kelly has spent decades working with complex federal & state tax laws. Kelly's approach to tax strategy is comprehensive, and always prioritizes client financial interest first.

Ryan Carver

Functional Aging Specialist

Ryan helps retirees achieve a healthy lifestyle through functional fitness. His specialties include weight loss training, mobility improvement, and custom senior exercise programs.


Our presenters will guide you through the comprehensive Retirement Resolutions Checklist:

Is my retirement income protected from taxes or inflation, so I don’t outlive it?

Is my estate protected so I can stay in my own home if I have long-term care expenses?

Do I know how to lower the taxes on my IRA & 401(k) for a more comfortable retirement?

Do I know why a trust may be more effective than a will and why I may need one?

Do I know about probate and how to avoid it?

Has my CPA talked with me about eliminating taxes on my Social Security benefits?

Am I aware of the tax & legal consequences of placing my children on bank accounts & property titles?

Am I aware of ways to save money on my health insurance (including Medicare)?

Learn functional fitness tips that can energize your retirement lifestyle.

Am I aware of ways I can reduce the risk of spending thousands on preventable illnesses?

Am I meeting the recommendations in each of the four pillars of fitness for optimal health & longevity?

Is my fitness level commensurate with the dream retirement I’ve always wished and worked for?

"If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail."

-Benjamin Franklin

...and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Salt Lake Community College – Miller Campus

When you RSVP, you will be sent a confirmation email, which includes the full address and a map.

Nothing is required. Feel free to bring your retirement planning questions. 

We will have a pen and paper there for you, in case you’d like to take notes.

Feel free to raise your hand, ask questions, and participate in the discussion. 

You’re also welcome to sit back, listen and learn.

In the case that you still have questions after the presentation, we offer two complimentary consultations.


We are Salt Lake City’s resource for comprehensive wealth management. 

We host the Retirement Resolutions Conference to bring local retirees and retiring people together, and allow them to learn about a wide array of important topics.


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Hosted at Salt Lake Community College - Miller Campus

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