You’re invited to join us at Whitmore Library to learn useful, comprehensive strategies that can help you navigate your retirement in 2023 and beyond!

If you are already familiar with the subject matter, this seminar will help you confirm and expand upon your knowledge-base with relevant information.

If you are just starting to learn about retirement planning, this seminar will introduce you to a wide array of useful strategies and topics, including tax efficiency, health planning, wealth management, and more.

Now more than ever, this professional guidance is crucial in working through the twists and turns of modern life.


Robert J. Beck, CPA

Retirement Planning


With nearly 20 years of experience, Rob has helped famous actors, large banks, business leaders and many in the community navigate the complex tax code and enjoy a wonderful retirement. Under his leadership, Accounting Today ranked Wealth Management CPAs as one of "The Top 150 Firms by AUM – The Annual Wealth Magnets Ranking of the Leading CPA Financial Planners" in the country.

Tamra Williams

Retirement Resources


Tamra is dedicated to helping people learn about valuable benefits and resources that are available to them in retirement. She has assisted people from all walks of life achieve their goals. She has helped to ensure that individuals and families in the Salt Lake Valley have adequate access to Retirement Resources when they need them most.

Kelly G. Purser, CPA

Tax Planning


Kelly has spent decades working with complex federal and state tax laws. His approach to tax strategy is comprehensive, and always prioritizes client financial interest first. Kelly is dedicated to helping people learn about valuable benefits and tax resources that are available to them in retirement. He has assisted people from all walks of life achieve their goals in retirement.


Retired or retiring soon? Jump start 2023 with the Retirement Resolutions Checklist:


Am I aware of ways to maintain my purchasing power through high inflation and market volatilty?


Is my estate protected so I can stay in my own home if I have long-term care expenses?


Do I know how to lower the taxes on my IRA and 401(k) for a more comfortable retirement?


Do I know about probate and how to avoid it?


Are my assets protected from being forced to surrender to Medicaid?


Has my CPA talked with me about eliminating taxes on my Social Security benefits?


Do I know why a trust may be more effective than a will and why I may need one?


Am I aware of the tax and legal consequences of placing my children on bank accounts or home?


When donating to charity (including tithing) do I donate tax efficiently?


Is my retirement income protected from taxes or inflation, so I don’t outlive it?



Whitmore Library – 2197 Fort Union Blvd.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

When you RSVP, you will be sent a confirmation email, which includes the full address and a map.

Nothing is required. Feel free to bring your retirement planning questions. 

We will have a pen and paper there for you, in case you’d like to take notes.

Feel free to raise your hand, ask questions, and participate in the discussion. 

You’re also welcome to sit back, listen and learn.

In the case that you still have questions after the presentation, we offer two complimentary consultations.


We are Salt Lake City’s resource for comprehensive wealth management. 

We host this seminar to bring local retirees and retiring people together allow them to learn about a wide array of retirement-related topics.

»Learn more about us.


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Thank you for your interest in our service project! We will reach out and invite you when we're approaching Memorial Day 2021.

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