Marital Status Change

Divorce is hard.
Sorting out the legal and financial hurdles doesn't have to be.

We perform a financial analysis of the divorce decree to protect your interests.

We perform a financial analysis of the divorce decree to protect your interests.

You're not alone. We'll help you restart a secure financial future.

Divorce attorneys are not accountants nor wealth advisors. During our free consultation we make sure your divorce decree includes tax savings and investment potential to protect your long term interests.

Some property is considered jointly owned while other property, like an inheritance given to one spouse, may be separately owned. When you come into our office we’ll list the ownership of your assets, and discuss how to best execute and protect any transfer. 

A pension earned during a marriage is considered a joint asset that can be divided at the time of a divorce. When we sit down together we’ll dive into your retirement accounts and pensions and determine the best options for your situation.

Your marital status at the end of the year determines how you file your taxes. If you’re the custodial parent for you children you may qualify for the favorable head of household tax status. During our meeting,  we’ll cover these and many other significant tax savings that are often overlooked in divorce.

Get financial advice from professionals. Close joint accounts. Stay focused on finances. Keep track of income and expenses. Open a separate checking account. Create a budget. Update your records. Begin establishing your own credit. Decide if you’re going to change your name. During your free consultation we’ll go over these points and numerous others to ensure the security of your financial future. 

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