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Investment Analysis

The Potential To:

Lower Taxes.     Lessen Risk.     Better Returns.

A comprehensive solution for your portfolio— helping you navigate high inflation, market volatility, and other challenges that retirees face in 2022.

Our Investment Analysis addresses commonly missed details, and fills in the gaps. We analyze your investments and identify the problems and opportunities, with a goal of building your wealth. 

You may be paying higher fees than expected, taking more risk than you realize, and getting lower performance than equivalent investments…

Asking the right questions

When it comes to investing, there’s no such thing as a “dumb question” but there are certainly some questions that will be more helpful to you than others.

The goal of investing is to create a more efficient portfolio that maximizes returns while taking the least amount of risk possible. 

The problem is that many investors aren’t making their decisions based on the whole picture, and subsequently miss out on savings and growth.

If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail.

-Benjamin Franklin

Are you missing out?

Questions you can ask yourself (or a trusted advisor) to help ensure that you aren’t missing out:


How have similar investments with similar risk profiles performed over the same time period? Are those returns consistent with the amount of risk you are taking? How have similar investments performed over the same time period?


How much are you paying in advisory and portfolio management fees? Are you aware of all undisclosed costs that you could be paying in your portfolio such as trading commissions, soft dollars paid by the fund to its trading partners, trading desk spreads, and front-end loads?


A landmark study cited in the Financial Analysts Journal shows that about 90% of the variability of average total returns is the result of asset allocation policy.¹ What is the make-up of your portfolio and is it appropriate for you?


How much risk are you taking? Are you taking any unnecessary risks? Have you considered inflation and risk of underperforming in the market?


Portfolio structure refers to the implementation of the investment strategy. What types of investment vehicles are you using in your portfolio and what are the underlying holdings of those vehicles? How much expense is being generated from unnecessary trading? How much overlap exists?

Tax Efficiency

Taxes can erode 10% to 37% of your earnings, which is why paying attention to tax management is so important. Disorganized portfolios and active trading create unnecessary tax. Carefully and strategically realizing gains, avoiding short-term capital gains, and strategically harvesting losses to offset taxable gains can add value to the net after-tax return of taxable accounts.

Invest Smart

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