Christmas Through A Child’s Eyes

A Fun Holiday Game For The Whole Family. Scroll down to see game instructions.

Play Video

Your game card is downloaded.

We asked a group of children twelve holiday related questions. Match the child with their answer and you get a point. Get all twelve right and you are a master guesser even Santa would be proud of!

(1) Download and print enough “Christmas Through A Child’s Eyes – Game Cards” for
your whole family to play.

(2) Begin video.

       a. There is about a 1.5 minute introduction for you to get to know
       each of the children.

       b. The game will begin with Keaton.

(3) When it is each child’s turn they will do a brief introduction for you to
get to know them.

       a. Next their question will appear on the screen.

(4) Pause the video

       a. Mark your game card with the answer you think is that child’s

(5) Begin video again.

       a. Each of the wrong answers will be given until the child whose
       question it is gives their answer.

(6) Repeat through all 12 questions.

(7) At the end of the video, tally up your scores to see who won!

So far, our top score is seven correct guesses. Can you or anyone in your
family top that?

Merry Christmas from all of us at Wealth Management CPAs!

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