Now Hiring: CPA

We are looking for a full-time tax CPA who is at the manager level or above who would like to deepen their knowledge into wealth management.

During tax season you will help prepare client’s tax returns. The other months we could use your help servicing our clients on the wealth management side. At some point, we would want you to become securities licensed, to better serve our existing clients.

Compensation will be based on experience. The ideal candidate will receive a salary + bonus + benefits (401k, health & dental insurance, life insurance, legal assistance, Etc.). Additionally, we have firm-wide goals, and we are planning a trip to Thailand this year. If you are interested apply for this position, click apply now. 

We look forward to having you join our team!

Mission Statement

To Build Wealth.

Vision Statement

To Build Character.

Core Values

Be Kind. Be Competent.

About Us

Wealth Management CPAs helps bridge the gap between clients financial, tax and estate plans. We have built our firm around two core principles: Be kind. Be competent.

Our mission is – to build wealth. To protect our clients present and to empower their future.

We are an independent firm, so we are not beholden to any bank, brokerage, or insurance company. We adhere to the time-tested philosophy that there are no shortcuts or gimmicks to wealth creation – great investing is the result of buying high quality assets at compelling prices.

We have Big 4 experience, yet understand the individuals concerns as we bring together their financial, tax and estate plans.

Our vision is – to build character. We are highly competent, yet kind to the smallest client.

We are excited to see how you can help too.

 I get the question a lot, “Why did you transition from public accounting to wealth management?”

I love being a CPA and helping reduce taxes. However, in 2008 I watched a fellow CPA who I looked up to a lot delay his retirement. It was during that same time I saw clients investments go down while their taxes went up. I realized there was a gap between people’s wealth advisor and their CPA.

At Wealth Management CPAs we help bridge that gap.

Applying For CPA Position


Thank you for your interest in our service project! We will reach out and invite you when we're approaching Memorial Day 2021.

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Wealth Advisors help grow your assets through wise investments
  • 401(k) Rollovers
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Stocks/Bonds
  • Custom Investment Portfolios
  • Life Insurance & Annuities
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
*Advisory services are offered by Wealth Management CPAs, LLC an SEC Investment Advisor.

Our Services


Certified Public Accounts help ensure maximum tax savings
  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Strategy
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions
  • Estate Tax Mitigation
  • Roth IRA Conversions
*Tax Services offered through Wealth Management Tax Solutions, LLC, an affiliated company of Wealth Management CPAs.


Estate Attorneys help protect your assets throughout your life and beyond
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directive
  • Funeral Planning
  • Business Succession-Planning

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