Asset Sale or Inheritance

Receipt of a large sum of money is the perfect opportunity to secure your financial life over the long term.

Comprehensive planning ensures your financial strength, tax savings, and estate are secured and growing

Comprehensive planning ensures your financial strength, tax savings, and estate are secured and growing

We ask specific investment questions so you can be confident you have the right answers.

Determine the value of your business or asset. Put your financial statements in order. Boost your sales. Pre-qualify your buyers. Get business contracts in order. During our free consultation, we advise you on how these important variables will help you take advantage of tax savings when selling your business, and how best to invest the profits to ensure your long term financial security.

Develop an exit plan. Create a personal financial plan. Formalize a buy-sell succession plan. When we meet, we’ll analyze these and other important variables that will help you determine the available funds for your retirement income needs. 

Consider using the alternate valuation date six months after the death of the person giving the inheritance in cases where that will reduce your tax liability. If you’re anticipating an inheritance from a family member, consider placing it in a trust prior to death to limit tax liability or even confiscation by the government in some cases. Minimize distributions to lower tax liability. Consider donating some of the inheritance to lower your tax burden. During our consultation, we’ll discuss tax-saving options based on your asset sale or inheritance.

Create a legal document to ensure the payment of debt by the buyer. Determine needs versus wants. Keep a personal financial balance sheet. Start an emergency or rainy day savings fund. During our free consultation, we’ll discuss these and other options, and create a personal retirement plan that fits your lifestyle and income. 

Open a bank account. Invest in stocks or bonds. Create a personal pension fund. Buy an annuity. Buy a life insurance policy to “pay it forward” to your beneficiaries. During our meeting, we’ll discuss factors like  inflation, market risks,  and lifestyle needs that will help you determine where best to put your money.  


And receive a free handbook on our unique approach to lowering taxes and building wealth.

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